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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Hazy spell due to hotspots in Sumatra

"The brief hazy spell experienced by Klang Valley residents yesterday was not caused by local fires but by hotspots from Sumatra, Indonesia." Quoted from The Star.

The haze is back though the spotlight's in Klang Valley, but the air condition in Ipoh is also affected. Last night, the haze had came to my neighborhood too! As such, hubby and I had canceled our plan to jog at Polo Ground this morning.

I was wondering, how come the haze always comes from Indonesia? Can't Indonesia's gov do something to this matter? Can't our gov do something to prevent? Can we sue Indonesia for creating such unhealthy haze FREQUENTLY?


Merryn said...

I noticed these couple of days, the air is bad. I hate to go out, but still I have to, in the evenings to bring ethan to the playground.

Cindy, you have msn or yahoo messenger? add me in or

i wanna guide you more on myLot..

The Teknisyan said...

Yeah.. too much heat can cause haziness!!!

btw.. nice picture you got there on your transformers post.. :)

Things I got from the Net!!!

Cindy said...

Merryn - Done adding you in my msn -

The Teknisyan - Yup, I hate those haze!