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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Another cheating call

This morning, while I'm quite free, I received a call from a believed-to-be China cheating female whom speaks China style Mandarin (with China slang). So I decided to hear what she's going to cheat about.

China girl: Hello, Miss. May I have a few minutes doing some survey with you?
Me: Okay.
China girl: Are you currently using any Panasonic products?
Me: No.
China girl: Actually, Panasonic is planning to open 2 shops in Ipoh, and we would like to invite you to our shop.
Me: I'm not free.
China girl: No, not now. It will be later.
Me: I'm not free also.
China girl: *Getting frustrated* Why you only know how to say "I'm not free"?
Me: Ya, I only know how to say "I'm not free".
China girl: Are you rushing to DIE???
Me: Ya, I'm really not free, in a rush to DIE!!!
*Hang up*

I've finally getting into their nerves. LOL.

Think carefully, we'll realize. Panasonic will not sent somebody speaking China Mandarin to do survey. They already well-known, there isn't a need to promote like that. These China females tactics already widely-known, I wonder why they still doing so? Do they think we, Malaysian, are still that innocent, easily to be cheated???


mNhL said...

LOL....and that lady so rude! How can she ask if someone going to die. Serves her right! Ya...don't be cheated by these peoples.

reanaclaire said...

so rude la!! if they were to call me, i will speak to them in english or malay!

Cindy said...

Haha... I had been used to receive such calls. The difference for this time is I didn't hang up straight away, but listening what she says.

Caroline Ng May Ling said...

i oso ever received such stupid call too. :(

ChrisAu said...

I received a few calls and I usually answered them in english with an accent. hahha.. She usually ask me to talk in mandarin and I replied as though as Im an angmoh. LOL

wenn said...

i experienced before but i just said, sorry, wrong number!