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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Summon after 30+ years?

No. Kesalahan-SEK 46(1)(d):
Meletakkan/menyebabkan diletakkan apa-apa barang berhubung dengan trednya di tempat awam.
Butir-butir kesalahan:
Menggunakan parking untuk menjalankan perniagaan kushen di tempat awam di atas lot parking.
Bayaran denda:


What do you think about Dewan Bandaraya worker whom giving out summon to your car? They'll appear from nowhere issuing you a summon when your parking coupon is overtime or when your car is parking somewhere you are not suppose to. Usually if you arrived in time (seconds before he prints out the summon), he'll let you go.

However, when it comes to business owners like us that need to park our customer's car in front of our shop, trouble comes (constantly!!!). Sometimes, we will put parking coupon; sometimes, we will open-up the car's bonnet or boot. Sometimes when those MBI man comes, my FIL will treat them "minum kopi". Mind you that there is not only one pax for one area, they are many of them! Today this comes, tomorrow another comes......

It happened yesterday that we did not put parking coupon and forgot to open the car's bonnet or boot. And "he" passed by, come down to our shop talk this say that. "He" came before and "minum kopi" not long ago, and yet "he" comes again. So my FIL asked him to issue summon if "he" wants. "He" didn't do so, but standing in front of our shop, using his hp taking photo of our shop.

Today, comes another "he" claiming that "he" gets complaint that we are doing business in the parking lot, "he" is coming to summon our shop. Hubby talked with "him", revealed that it's the "he" who came yesterday without getting what "he" wants report our shop with photo! *@&$%

We never received such a summon in the past 30+ years!!! My FIL had been doing business in this shop for 30+ years!!! No warning given before summon!!! Have you heard cannot even take or replace car seats in a parking lot??? Even if we put parking coupon also cannot??? @#&%$


reanaclaire said...

my gosh.. 100rm! next time better buy put coupon... they sure kacau those who do business one.. sigh..

Cindy said...


mNhL said...

Aiyo...when the saman issued, cannot do anything except go to the Majlis Dareah to get some discount. Hopefully your FIL's shop will not be 'haunt' by these type of people anymore!

Cindy said...

These people are haunting the shop forever la.... no ending one!