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Saturday, April 3, 2010

A sunny Saturday morning

It's again Saturday. This Saturday morning appears to be sunny, the sun is showing its shinny face. However I'm not showing my shinny face, I'm gloomy!

I have had a terrible sleep yesterday night. I woke up by 2.30am to the toilet, then back to bed, twisting and turning all the way till this morning. I'm now extremely tired and sleepy plus light headed.

Oh my, my sis in-law and his hubby are going to Macau tonight and they are going to sent their kid, Marcus to our house until they come back from Macau. We need quite a lot of energy to help taking care of Marcus, although he always behave well but he's still a child, we need to talk a lot with him. I must take a nap later, recharge before Marcus arrive! LOL

In additional of Marcus's arrival, hubby and I have a postpone-meet-up with hubby's cousin tonight. It should be late when we finally reach home. I wonder if I could stand the sleepiness tonight!


reanaclaire said...

so young u cannot sleep... actually it happens once awhile when we have some excitement or too much to think.. btw, any news from nuff?

Cindy said...

Ya la, poor me, now feeling dizzy! Anyway, still no news from nuff.