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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I love Hong Kong

5 days 4 nights of Hong Kong trip has come to an end. On the day we arrived in Hong Kong, it was cool; while we leave Hong Kong it was getting warmer. I love Hong Kong. Everywhere is labeled with chinese words, everyone is speaking cantonese and they are very polite (except for those sellers in Lady Street).

Hong Kong's MTR is really very well built, I must give them a thumb up. Any one of the MTR stop would simply have more than 5 exits to different streets, and most of the MTR stops are underground, which means on top of the stops are streets and shops!

Every streets in Hong Kong are busy with people walking in fast pace. Some of the escalators in MTR stops are moving fast (much faster than our pace), and we were to stand on one side as some people may use the other side to walk faster up or down the escalator.

Free and easy trip to Hong Kong is no fuss at all with all the signs and map in hand!

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Foot prints on the escalator

I have bought a few things home:

Invertable shoulder bag with a small matching sling bag

Espirit multi-purpose bag

Sweater with panda pocket and tail

Sweater with rabbit ear and tail

A pair of shoes

Lock and key from Disneyland

Trolley backpack

Last but not least, my favorite

Mickey Mouse cabin size luggage

* More on our Hong Kong trip will be coming up soon in my all-in-one blog and travel blog, please stay tuned!


reanaclaire said...

I cannot see the pics, Cindy..something wrong with my pc? Well, i also love HK.. esp the shopping!

Cindy said...

Claire, I have no problem loading the pics, do check out my other blog.

mNhL said... envy....I;ve never travelled to HK. What a shopping heaven. The sweater with rabbit ear very cute le...but how to wear in M'sia? So hot. haha

Serene said...

Hi Cindy, first time dropping by. You had a nice shopping at Hong Kong, guess you must be enjoyed the trip to the fullest! You makes me heart itchy wanna go to HKG too!

Tan said...

How Much pocket money you bring to your Hong Kong Trip?