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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Half an hour of Piranha

Hubby told me he wanted to watch the Piranha days before. I have made an online booking with TGV. RM10 per seat and an additional online booking fee made up to a total of RM21.00 for the movie on Tuesday. It is a nice seating place at the last row since I have made the booking early.

We arrived at Jusco on time for the movie. While seated, people walking pass our back (we were on the last row). I heard some of them discussing why the theater was warm. I didn't bother much until half an hour after the movie started. I felt stuffy and even sweating. I also smelt the bad smell of shoes!

I could not tolerate with the warm, stuffy and smelly environment. I walk out to ask. And only when I asked that I realized that the staffs are already aware of that! They told me the cinema's air-cond compressor had broken down few weeks ago!

Gosh, they are selling tickets with normal price without informing customer about the fact that there is NO air-cond throughout the whole cinema!!! Imagine how you feel when your car and home air-cond compressor broken down, when only hot air coming out from the air-cond!

Being told that the air-cond compressor is malfunctioning, I rolled my eyes big and look at them. Following that, they told me I can have my tickets refund. Well, at least they refund. I went back into the theater, discuss with hubby. At last, we decided to get the refund. Hey, we do not need to pay to suffer!!!

We asked for refund at the ticket counter, the staff needed to ask for permission to do so from their supervisor and came back refunded me RM20. I request to see the supervisor since it was not fully refund - RM21. It is just RM1 difference but I bothered by the fact that the cinema still selling tickets even though the air-cond was not functioning!!! When the supervisor came, he pay me back the difference immediately. Clever him, or else I will be writing my complain letter to the TGV headquarter now!

I think they need to change their seats to a more fashionable western furniture style since they are now starting to get smelly!


安琪琳@Angeline said...

Hi Cindy, how u find the movie?

reanaclaire said...

hey.. i booked tickets for tonight leh.. hope no sweat!!!

Cindy said...

Angeline - I've watch it for half an hour only. Nothing special, it's about the piranha come to the surface after a tremor to attack ppl. We are not going to watch it again. Doesn't seem interesting.

Claire - If you do sweating, ask for refund!