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Monday, September 13, 2010

KL stay

I'm backed from a 3 days 2 nights Kuala Lumpur trip. My aunt and family came down from Kuantan; hubby and I went KL from Ipoh.

We stayed in One World Hotel which is nested within One Utama Shopping Centre. I've booked our room through an online travel agent with a great deal, instead of RM1,200+ for superior room only from the hotel's website, I have it at RM1,088 for deluxe room and breakfast (2 rooms 2 nights).

Upon arrived in KL around 9am, we checked in but the hotel system had been down. So we went back around 12pm, queuing up to check in again. We were lucky to have our room upgraded to executive deluxe room since deluxe rooms were not ready yet. :)

It isn't the first time we stay in this hotel, but we always feel happy to check in to One World Hotel. However, some unhappiness happened after the check in.

We were rushing time going to meet my uncle's friend. The bellboy whom helped us arranging our luggage in the trolley was busy attending to another customer, so we helped ourselves pushing the trolley to our room. Half way unloading the luggage, the bellboy came. But he wasn't helping, he just stood and see us unload our things. Once finished, the bellboy showed us "black face", teared off our room tag on the trolley with force and pushed the trolley out of the room. (May be he thought that we were suppose to pay him tips but we didn't. Hey, he never even offered help unloading the luggage, why are we paying him?)

On the other hand, while waiting for check in, hubby parked our car beside the lobby waiting for us. Once he got down from the car, the jockey told him they'll charged us RM5 for parking there for 15 minutes. Because our car not a Merz? BMW? Porche? or Ferrari???

Other than that, we enjoyed our stay there, everything were great!

My cousin playing games with his notebook!
Hubby surfing Internet with his netbook!I browsing through the spa pamphlet!
And cam-whoring!
I don't need a senior match service! LOL!


安琪琳@Angeline said...

I like ur last post! Very "yau yeng"

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Cindy said...

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Mr Lonely - Thanks. Sure!