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Friday, September 24, 2010

Moving back to old house

Due to a burglary, my house has been cleared - virtually nothing left! I felt that the whole world had gone black, hope drained from me. Thus I decided to leave the house, either rent it out or sell it off. The house is mainly left unoccupied except the time when my aunt and family come back Ipoh for holiday.

My relationship with my aunt and family are very close, as if they were my own family. So I had always troubled myself, thinking of where they will stay when they are back.

Hubby and I had thought of buying a new house, but the property price has been rising tremendously throughout the years. Not that we couldn't afford, but if we really bought a new property, we would have to travel less, and use less, everything becomes tighten, we are not allow to spend freely. My aunt also doesn't agree to the idea of buying a new house.

Thus, all of us come to a conclusion to move back to the old house. We will have to build a concrete wall without door at the back yard where the fencing had been stolen; add more grills around the house; set up an alarm system; have an electrician to fix all the wiring that have been cut off by the devil thieves; and lastly replace the air-conditioner/ Astro decoder/ washing machine/ water heater/ refrigerator/ Furniture.

I will be busy going to and fro my house! Everything will be find after the alarm installation, I supposed!!!

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