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Friday, September 3, 2010

Steamboat birthday bash

1st Sept is my best friend's - Terrence birthday! Yes, he is a guy. my best friend is a guy! Sometime, guys are better than girls when it comes to the time you need help or advice. What do you think?

We have a steamboat birthday bash held. We have not been to this restaurant, it is recommended by a friend. Hubby and I went on time while others were yet to arrived! Despite wasting time, I took out my camera, starting to snap everywhere. LOL!

It is actually a steamboat and bbq restaurant where we could bbq hot dogs, hams, satay, etc. If you need to eat something while waiting for the steamboat and bbq, there are fried rice, nuggets, watermelon and red bean soup. The variety of food for steamboat were plenty too!

I would highly recommend this restaurant for buffet steamboat. We only paid RM19.90 per person since it is on weekdays and the food served are fresh, especially the prawns. We had 4 big plates of prawns - the boss must have taken down our face, black-listed us! We almost finished al the prawns in the shop with the efficiency of the birthday boy peeling off all the shell of the prawns. LOL!

All of us were so full that we hardly left any place for birthday cake! I wonder I would need to use the dental business cards that my friend gave me on the day before!

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