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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Clumsy driver


5pm, time to go home after work. I excitingly driving towards Greentown to take my new notebook.

Once traffic light turns green, I change my gear into “D” and go. A sliver-color Myvi coming out from the side lane suddenly. Gosh, give me a shock! I press my horn immediately, and “eeaaaatttttt”, the car stopped. Oh…… almost, my hubby’s dearest car, nearly get bumped! My heart is pumping fast. Fortunately nothing bad happened. I did not stop to check since I do not think anything happened to my car.

Before passing the nest traffic light, I take a look at the reverse mirror to check on that clumsy Myvi. I wonder why, the Myvi just stopped at the side of the road? Something wrong? Did he really bump into my car? No, I did not feel any thing. Am I turning the radio too loud? Anyway, I need to go Greentown. I shall check my car there.

God blessed, no trace of scratches found.

I beg all driver, if you are sleepy or tired, please, take a nap before you leaving yourself to the road. Not just to ensure your safety, but also ours!

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