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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Notebook disappointment

Shouldn’t it be a happy thing to bring home a brand new notebook cheaper than market price with RM240 Jusco voucher? No, not a bit! I got cheated! They are cheating! They changed the original RAM from 1 pc 1024MB to Samsung 2 pcs 512MB.

It seems that the reseller is well-known in Ipoh. How disappointed I am to found out being cheated?

I rang up the sales person to ask about it. They finally admitted that they had changed the RAM, and promise to replace the original Ram.

I spoke to hubby how they cheated me on the notebook soon after he came home. Hubby insists to replace the notebook with a brand new notebook since may be the act of changing the RAM will affect the other parts of the notebook, it may also affect the warranty for the notebook.

We go directly to Jusco reseller counter to request for the replacement and they agreed. According to the sales person, Samsung 512MB RAM is a cheaper range of RAM compared to the HP original RAM. Well, since they promised to replace a brand new notebook, then I’m satisfied and leaved the counter.

I’m collecting the notebook after 5pm at the reseller at Greentown today. This time, I would better check thoroughly before I leave the shop.

So is it true that “Good things will not be cheap, cheap things will not be good”?

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