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Monday, July 7, 2008

Wedding Day 07.06.2008

After a month of marriage only I'm free to upload some of my wedding photos.

8am, time to depart to the bride's house

The "New Room"!
(Take note of the 2 cats beside the pillows, its the gift of Valentine's day few years ago. I like their eyes, looks 99% like my hubby's - sleepy eyes!!!)

Prayers before leaving house to the bride's house

Accompanied by my dad & mom in law

On the way

Door-opening by my cousin

Having "bird's nest"

My gang of sister!

What a pity, being locked outside!

Next part of the game

Another part of the game

Final part?

Ops! somemore....

How come my hubby still haven't figure out?

Too late....


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