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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Counter Strike

Hubby and I went to 1 Utama with my colleagues last weekend and he found himself his favorite game - the Counter strike. He has been looking around for this game for a long time. He went into F.O.S. to drag me out to the game shop to check whether our pc is capable for that game. Finally, we bought it (RM15), quite expensive!

Oh, since then, my pc is fully utilized by my hubby! And I'm going to bed by 10pm since then.

Before this, he used to watch Astro while I online. Nowadays, the Astro stands aside! I'm complaining and grumbling about this all this while. I wanted to cancel Astro , we are paying RM89.90 per month! Adding RM100.00 per month to get us a notebook, so that I won't be that boring at night time.

Let's see, pc fair will be on next month.

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