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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

HP Compact V3839TU notebook

I had changed my mind from buying B1286TU after trying to use it for 1 hour. I'm getting headache watching at a 12" LCD screen! So what I can do is to buy a larger size notebook, its 14" LCD screen. It is RM200 cheaper, RM2,399 with RM230 Jusco voucher.

May be the weight is heavier and looks cheaper also, but since I seldom bring it out, then I think it is fine for me to have a larger size notebook.

My hubby told his friend that we are going to get ourselves a notebook. His friend told him that his uncle bought his son a new notebook from US and just sent back last month, but due to his son still young (Form 1), he do not need it. They wanted to sell the notebook at RM2,400.

Hubby is so excited, he bring the notebook all the way to my office to show me. Yes, it really looks nice and expensive compared to the one I wanted to buy. But I do not like 2nd hand item, and since it is imported, I'm worrying about the warranty.

So I decided to stick to my previous decision, to buy HP Compact V3839TU. Hopefully I won't regret for it!

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Anonymous said...

you always kena cheat 1 la, hahaha