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Friday, October 10, 2008

Down with sickness!

Nowadays, human being are quite vulnerable, may be I'm too sensitive, but many of whom I know fall sick! I do think that is cause by the weather, some times it rain and some times become sunny.

Hubby and I were both down! Hubby is a bit worse than me, he's got himself fever. I woke up few times in the night to check him up, and also remind him to take medicine.

Hubby haven't come back from work. He told me he's okay today. After taking the cough syrup, he got drowsy. But I think he's all right by now. I'm waiting for him to come home!


iceah said...

hey hope your both okay c:how bout you guys try this c:

click this botton for a recomended remedy c:

iceah said...

i mean copy and paste it on your tab to link it straight there c:

Cindy Leong said...

Thank you, iceah!