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Friday, October 24, 2008

Pimples on my face

Gosh, I found my face growing three pimples! For those who does notice, I seldom get pimples on my face. But when I woke up yesterday, there was two. And worse still, today adding in one more. Seems they are partying!

Oh, no! I feel blue all day long. How come I got so many pimples on my face? You know, they are not small little tiny one, they are ...... don't mention it!

What happened to me? Why?

I think it's because I got too much indeed, stress, from all those people around. Why? Why should I be pregnant as soon as I get married? Why everyone's asking the same question? Why? Why? Why?


Kwagoo said...

Haha... I wish I have your skin (rare to have pimples). I guess it may be the stress part, or you could be pregnant.. some say that women get pimples when they're preggy coz of the hormonal changes in their bodies. haha

Relax :D Hopefully, they'll be gone in a week's time :) Take care! :D

Cindy said...

I hope so....

Ailecgee said...

I guess no youngster ever escaped having pimple. It's part of youth.

Btw, I am getting some opps now only from Social spark, sometimes from review me and blogsvertise.
Since my PR-2 became PR-0, my opps became rare. But you may try them.
Good luck to you, Cindy!