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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome to your brain

These days I’m reading a book. It writes regarding some misunderstanding which our brain accidentally bring to us. It says that our very own brain always gives us message that could be misleading!

Most interesting part of it which I found is just a simple mathematics question, really simple. Let’s try it out before looking into the answer. The question is:

It costs a total sum of $1.10 to buy a pencil and a rubber. The fact is the pencil is $1.00 more expensive than the rubber. What is the price of a rubber?

Do remember that our brain may give us the wrong answer at the first thought. Think it over again. Think hard!

Do you think the answer is $0.10?


No!!! You are wrong!!!

The answer is $0.05. Get it? The rubber is selling at $0.05 per piece.


Nightmare said...

cheh, u stupid only ma. ppl also say more expensive d. It is just the wording mislead u ma.

Cindy said...

I get it right la!!!

Ailecgee said...

Had squeezed out my brain for a while here. Nice puzzle!