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Monday, October 13, 2008


Since the few days of sickness, I'm always feeling tired. I wanted to sleep! I tend to sleep as early as 8pm for few days! But this don't make me any good. I still feel sleepy.

I haven't went any night markets for few weeks. Those who knows me well will know that I 'm those whom cannot stay long at home. Hubby and I used to go out by 8pm everyday, whether night markets or shopping centre. Since married (few months only), we changed! We shall enjoy staying at home with each of us facing a separate computer, online surfing and may be gaming.

Is this change better? May be staying at home makes me sleepy? May be I should go out?


Ailecgee said...

Hi, Cindy! Since you're just newly married I guess you should enjoy each others company not the company of your own computers though your are facing each other. That's what we do now, facing each other with our own laptops. But that was only after we had enjoyed going out together for a very looooong time!
Good luck and be well!

Belinda said...

I agree with ailecegee! Plenty of time to play on the computer. Those first years of marriage go so fast!

Cindy Leong said...

Haha.... I'll think about it seriously!!!