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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Ipoh - Kuantan - Ipoh again!!!

Has been a long time since last update. Hubby and I were again fetching my auntie and cousin from Kuantan back to Ipoh and Ipoh back to Kuantan! Really tiring indeed, we are both exhausted!

What's the different this time? It's a bit of difference. We went up, again Genting highland to join my dad & mom in law and sister in law's family for a night's stay, after fetching my dearest relatives back to Kuantan. Since I booked the rooms under my name, hubby and I started out journey to the highland earlier, to checked in!

We didn't even stepped into the casino for this trip, I have "kind of" 6th sense which made me think that we wouldn't be able to gain any from the casino, so we decided not to gamble for this time! What do you think? Stupid? Haha.....

Anyway, hubby and I left at 3a.m. in the morning, back to Ipoh. Can't sleep well, yeah, both of us! We reached home by 5a.m. We continue our sleep for 2 hours before going to work!

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