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Friday, April 17, 2009

Australia trip - Day 1 - 4 in Sydney

There are a total of 4 nights hubby and I stayed in Sydney, a wonderful place to live. Peoples are relaxing in life, shopping centres close at 5pm sharp. Peoples are fond of sitting at the field chatting, relaxing or reading. Life seems easy going in Sydney, I love this place very much. Hubby would like to migrate to Sydney in old age, even though he's no good in English. See? How attractive Sydney was? I love the place and love the life in Sydney!

The Rock Markets

Paddington Markets

Sydney Aquarium and Wildlife World

Jupiter Casino

Sydney Fish Market

Luna Park

The Sydney Bridge

St. Mary Cathedral

The fields near the road side are always filled with people

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UmmiRosma said...

This is such a fun memorable vacation....mmm..i feel like going there too....but when? huhuhu