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Thursday, April 30, 2009

No traveling during Labour day?

As planned earlier, hubby and I will be going to Kuantan to find my auntie. My father in law and mother in law are to follow us there to find relative also.

But once my father in law gets know that I'm pregnant, he doesn't allow all of us to travel. According to him, the road to Kuantan is very bumpy, and I have a previous record of miscarriage (a very very early miscarriage). And so, the trip is going to be cancel and we will be staying at home during this holiday.

I tried to search the internet on "travel during early pregnancy", but no information regarding the restriction on traveling in car during early pregnancy!

I'm luring hubby to talk to my father in law in order to let us go Kuantan. My auntie and cousin are not to be back to Ipoh, since my cousin is going to sit in SPM end of the year, I'm sure they are boring being always stay in Kuantan. Normally they'll come back to Ipoh every school holiday. And most of all, I miss them a lot!

Hopefully hubby succeed in his mission!

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