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Thursday, April 2, 2009

A touching scene

Hubby and I bring Ah Ma (Grandma) to KFC yesterday night for dinner. Arriving at KFC, hubby and I went to queue for the food while Ah Ma sitting down at a table near the corner which just a glass of distance from outside.

Once the food is ready, we took them back and when I'm going to have my seat, I saw an Indian boy in front of the glass, asking me to give him some food by using his hand signal. I was quite shocked and felt uncomfortable by his act. I just ignored him (hard hearted?), continue with my food.

Mean time, I noticed that there are a total of 3 Indian boy aged around 6 to 12 are paddling outside KFC asking for food from the passerby. I see some of them are giving them some money.

One Indian couple carrying a kid in hand asked in detail with one of the Indian boy whom was begging him for food and I think they are going to buy them food. So I observed, and finally, the couple take away 3 large drinks and a box of fried chicken (hubby and I were still thinking that they are much unpossible to buy them food but we were wrong!!!), they give the food to the kids. And the couple carrying their own food to be having inside the restaurant, went upstairs.

It was just a waste that I didn't bring my camera along, or I may have taken down this memorable scene!


reanaclaire said...

hi Cindy..coming by to read yr posts.. i can imagine the scene how it was like..

翱翔 said...

that's a sweet scene...
kind are still around the world...