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Friday, April 24, 2009

Turning Garbage Into Detergents

Everyone is frugal during economic downturn. There are so many ways to save money, and it is now a trend for housewives to turn garbage into environmental friendly enzymes that could be used as fertilizer, detergent and disinfectant.

Let's try to DIY.

Use of environmental friendly enzymes:
  • Multipurpose detergent: Can be used to clean bathrooms, kitchens, water troughs, pools, leather goods, carpets, cars, shoes, wash basins and refrigerators. They can also be used to bathe pets.
  • Pesticide: Can be used to replace chemical pesticides.
  • Air freshener: Can be used to reduce exhaust and toxic gases; friendly bacteria will distribute citrus smell.
  • Disinfectant: Can be used to kill harmful micro-organisms.
  • Fertilizer: Does not affect fruit quality but makes them more crunchy without chemical side effect.
Ingredients to make environmental friendly enzymes:
  • 1 kg Brown sugar
  • 3 kg fresh fruit residue/ fresh fruit skin
  • 10 litre water
  • There must be room in the container for fermentation.
  • The containers must be stored in cool place.
  • Enzymes that are successfully fermented are yellow in colour. There will be a layer of friendly bacteria on the top which is white or brown in colour and it distributes pleasant citrus smell; if the enzymes turn black, it means the fermentation has failed. But you may add in some brown sugar to start the fermentation process again.
  • Do not worry about the stink during the fermentation process, just cover the container well.
  • The container could be a porcelain, pottery or plastic barrel.
  • Do not use paper, plastic, metal cans and bottles as the ingredients.


Benjamin Lee said...

I saw this in the star newspaper sometime ago.

Looks like quite good to try it out. I wonder does it has any foul smell?

Cindy said...

I'm wondering about that too! I've never try before, have to give it a try one good fine day!!!