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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Our "new" bicycle

Our "new" bicycle

This is our "new" bicycle after some "renovation work" done by my father in law!

It's previously owned by hubby, my father in law bought it with RM700 about 10 years ago. Just few months ago, hubby brings it out again and we cycle together in the evening by buying another new bicycle.

These days, after some leg injury to my father in law, he is not advice to climb the Menglembu mountain as he would do almost every morning the past few years. So he decided to cycle around doing some exercise.

And there comes the "renovation works"!!!

A new front basket with orange highlight plate for safety
A new front light

A new ringing bell with orange sticker

A new back mirror

A widen and thicken "snake leather" recondition seat

A new back seat support with a small "Cool Max" cushion
A mini red-color back light


GregChai said...

cool seat :D

翱翔 said...

great innovation product...
kinda cute...