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Monday, January 4, 2010

Back from a 2-week-break

I have been "on-leave" for two weeks! I haven't been to hubby's shop for exactly two whole weeks, just to accompany my aunt and cousin.

We went for Penang-one-day-trip and CameronHighland-one-day-trip during the weeks. Hubby had been "on-leave" for few days too!

We stayed in KL for two nights during the holidays for New Year too! We have been walloping a lot of great food, thanks to my uncle's friend, a Mercedes Benz spare parts supplier - he treated us a delicious dinner with spider crabs; brought us to Klang for bak kut teh; took us to Nilai for a well-known "Fat Tiu Cheong" dinner; treated us another lunch in Restaurant Lan Je for their famous steam fish. I haven't snap any photos with those great delicacies (damn paiseh if I were to take pictures for foods that "rich people" eats everyday! lol)

Now, back to working mode, tidying my office, put on new paint for my office.

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