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Friday, January 8, 2010

Cameron Highland half-day-trip

We went up the hill by 4pm when hubby called to ask if we are interested to go up to Cameron Highland which is only one hour away from Ipoh.

Cameron Highland is always very cold at the end of the year. My aunt, cousin sis and me have been wearing our sweater since arrived, while hubby and my cousin bro didn't add-on additional clothes (may be their fatty tissues are thick enough to stand the cold! lol).

We walked around at the market, and go straight down to OK Tuck Restaurant for steamboat as our dinner. It is best to have steamboat during cold weather. We finished up everything!

After some walk at the night market in Brinchang, we went home and arrived Ipoh only by 12am.

Me, cousin bro, cousin sis & hubby
Steamboat in Cameron Highland


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Cindy said...

Claire - Have sent you an email!