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Thursday, January 7, 2010

KL one-day-trip

This trip happened on our way back from Kuantan to Ipoh two weeks ago. I brought along my new DSLR camera to snap almost anything! lol!

1. First stop at Dragon-i, The Curve for lunch.

Me & hubby *Cheese*
Dragon-i's wet tissue
Dim sum before main dish

The "lao sha bao" that I like best. See the hot yellowish gravy?

Main dish

2. Drop by to Q Jelly for some agar-agar. They make very nice and colorful agar-agar cakes!

Colorful animals agar-agar

3. Shopping at One Utama.

Transformers show up again.
Me & my cousin *cheesing* at don't-know-where in One Utama. lol

4. Buffet dinner at Tenji. I gave bad marks for them. Jogoya is way way better than Tenji. I didn't even take photos for the food! Not much food variety. We need to knot holes for the coconuts and coconuts are selling hot, peoples are expected to grab for their own good, or else none will left for you. No more next visit from me!

Tenji Japanese Buffet
We took the offer for dinner. RM88++, for 2nd diner RM28.80++Night view from Tenji


reanaclaire said...

Happy Traveling... I never been to Tenji before..

Anonymous said...
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Cindy said...

Claire - I do not recommend Tenji, go Jogoya if you want to try japanese buffet.