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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dinner at Lawan Kuda

A sudden call from my FIL said that Yi Ku (aunt in-law) will come and take us (hubby & me and FIL & MIL) and Ah Ye & Ah Ma (grandfather & grandmother in-law) to Lawan Kuda for dinner.

Lawan Kuda is about 25 minutes away from Ipoh. It's a small chinese village that holds quite a number of restaurants with cheap price and nice food.

This time, Yi Ku brought us to Restoran J.J.Fatt where we have yet to try. We ordered five dishes for seven of us. I should say that the food are very delicious especially the pork leg. If you happen to be there, go try. The shop opens 24 hours! Wow, a restaurant in a small village also operates around the clock!

Restoran J.J.Fatt
Fried brinjal with fish ball
Mongolia pork leg
Fried vege with belacan
Fried "abolone mushroom"
Nyonya steam fish


reanaclaire said...

cindy, how much did that meal cost.. it looked so sumptious!!

Cindy said...

Claire - Only RM80+!

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