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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

1 or 2 months to refund???

On the beginning of the month, our famous low cost carrier - AirAsia had launch flights to Korea.

Hubby and I was longing to go Korea for a visit, so we sit still in front of the notebook, waiting for the clock to strike 12am, to begin our booking. Well, I expect the system to get jammed up as usual, but surprisingly, it wasn't. I go smoothly through until payment. Keyed in everything, waited a while before the page showed reservation status: Pending. Since reservation status is pending, I'll have to wait till the next morning to contact AirAsia regarding the status.

Cut the story short, a final reply from AirAsia confirmed booking was unsuccessful, and we left it since there won't be any cheap ticket available after 2 days.

A few days ago, hubby received his credit card statement. The air ticket that cost RM1,470.00 which we unsuccessfully booked, had been charged to hubby's credit card!!! After a hard time calling to the center which is charging RM1.95/min, I was told that we were to fax over the statement, or emailed it and wait for refund for ONE OR TWO MONTHS!!!

What kind of policy they are having??? They charged us wrongly and we were to pay the bill and wait for one or two months for refund??? I request to speak to their supervisor for an explanation, and was told that their supervisor was meeting. The officer took my hp number, promised to get someone to call back within one or two hours, but I've never received any calls for the passed 24 hours!!!

AirAsia is nevertheless the cheapest airfare provider, but their customer service is really bad!!!


安琪琳@Angeline said...

Cindy:No choice have to wait for the refund lor...first time log into Air Whenever u r in middle of booking, if the thing say pending...u have to try to log in again n again before you log out or offline, just to make sure! During Peak time of booking from Air Asia is like that. Not only you, i heard from my hubby, his fren also kena.
Hubby & I also try to booked when the clock strike 12midnite. We also faced the prob like u when we almost reach the point of payment. We tried 3 times, finally it was succcessful. I've booked to BALI next year.

Gallivanter said...

Actually, the refund part is not Air Asia's side but the credit card company itself, i.e. Master/VISA/specific banks. Banks normally take 3 months to refund as they need to investigate all claims thoroughly.

Best to check with your credit card company to ensure that you're not charged with interests or that the interest is waived when they give you the refund when successful.

I experienced that before with a number of different services. :-)

Cindy said...

Angelina - Wow, I wanted to go Bali too!

Gallivanter - No, it's AirAsia's side to void the transaction. But I've contact the bank and filled in a dispute form to revert the charge. The bank will only take 2 weeks to investigate according to the cs. Anyway, thanks for your info.

reanaclaire said...

gosh..that is a nightmare.. i felt very tensioned each time i booked tickets online.. very kancheong.. hope u get back the money soon..