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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A simple dinner

Our eating out for yesterday night was at a corner shop near Taman Bombak. Most of the time we went there, we saw it crowded with many people waiting for tables. During weekend, you will be sitting for an hour to wait for your dishes.

It has been long since my FIL wanted to go there for a try, since every time we went there was on weekend, and the crowd of people used to scare us away. LOL!

Finally, we could have a try there. I forgot the English or Malay name for the shop, in chinese, it's called 兵头. We didn't wait for long for the dishes, may be due to the fact that it's not on weekends.

We ordered 4 dishes and 1 soup. Stir fried vege is the best of all. Others are only "so so"!


reanaclaire said...

the fish and vege looks much was the meal?

ChrisAu said...

Nice!! I always like simple dinners especially with soup!

Cindy said...

Claire - RM57.00

ChrisAu - I prefer home-cooked soup!