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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Home pc broken down, a netbook needed!

It has been over 2 months that our home desktop broken down. Hubby tried to ask for help from his friend but he is too busy to entertain us.

After waiting for 2 months, we brought the cpu to a computer shop. What was told is that the motherboard died, and the ram is needed to change to a newer version if we change the motherboard. The technician give us an estimation of RM300 to fix it.

RM300 isn't too much, but we still prefer to get a netbook instead of repairing the old desktop. Since we love to travel, a mini netbook suits us best. Hubby likes to lie on the bed surfing the net too!

PC fair in Ipoh just started, hubby and I went there yesterday and bought our mini netbook! We bought a Toshiba NB305 in white color. White color's Toshiba is out of stock, and it will arrived next week, which means we will be surfing the Internet with our white netbook next week! Yay!


Uncle Lee said...

Hi Cindy....thats nice. You did not check out Apple's Ipad?
Anyway, do be careful when taking your pc to a shop for repairs. They can download your Hard drive with all your important whatever into theirs, and that might be problems.

Maybe your pc needs a defragmentation run, as you done lots of surfing, or lack of memory, just delete, wipe off what you don't need?
Just my 21 cents worth, ha ha.
Have a nice day, Lee.

reanaclaire said...

how much? is it the 10 inches one? got one from TM net lately.. small but convenient la.. good for younger ppl like u or my girl..but bad for my eyesight.. hahaha... old liow ma..

Cindy said...

Uncle Lee - Thanks for your advice. But I can't even switch on the pc. :(

Claire - RM1399. No la.... U always young at heart, right?