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Friday, August 20, 2010

Joy of celebrating

My FIL and MIL both hit a third prize in Magnum! Hurray! Their car plate no had run up to the third place! Both of my in-laws were on cloud nine! Although they didn't won much money but still everybody around are asking for a treat of meal, and they joyfully treated them since everybody are happy over it!

Tonight four of us are going out for dinner and tomorrow night, we are going to eat out too. My FIL and MIL are going to treat two tables to celebrate!

Hubby and I didn't have luck in lottery so we seldom buy numbers. Winning in a lottery will be something extremely amazing for us. The only time we won was during my wedding, while I wondering whether to take a nicer gown with an additional RM300. We won RM200 by buying RM1 big, RM1 small, for our file number in the wedding shop. The RM200 was then going in to upgrade my wedding gown!!! Hubby was grumpy since I didn't tell him about buying this number and why I buy that little!!!


Anonymous said...

I won lots of times a year but they are not much. I used all my lucky money by spending on loved ones with meals. Most times, I have to top up the balance of the bill (not much though). I don't mind at all, because I believe that God wants me to give up a little by topping up the balance for a good time with my family. Yes, I am a lucky one, I won lots of lotteries:-)

Cindy said...

Wow, you are so blessed with lucks! Yup, it's great to spend the lucky money with loved ones.