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Monday, August 2, 2010

Dinner at De Mouth

This is the restaurant near our shop, we went there quite often. And yesterday night, while my FIL went Penang with his bro to fetch relatives from China back to Ipoh, we went there for dinner for the location is great - very nearby! And not to deny, the food is delicious! Six dishes for RM100+, the price is reasonable too!

Our little nephew and my MIL!


reanaclaire said...

cindy, where is the de mouth? sounds very familiar.. the last time i heard, it was in greentown, near yeong wai duck, right?

ChrisAu said...

err... this is in IPoh? alamak...and call myself born in Ipoh.

Cindy said...

Claire - it's underneath the Fairmont Hotel, beside Honda, near Jln Kampar roundabout. The famous JJ cake is selling inside this reataurant.

ChrisAu - Oh, you're from Ipoh?

reanaclaire said...

oh ic.. ok ok.. no wonder so familiar.. hahah.never been there for my meals.. ok, now i know where to go.. so your shop is near there.. ok.. good..