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Sunday, February 22, 2009

My new camera

Last night I am talking about a Canon camera cost RM799, and I bought another model in Ipoh Parade just now. If you know me well, you will probably know that I won’t buy anything before a careful consideration. But I bought a camera only after a day of thinking!

My new camera!

See? This is my new camera – Canon PowerShot E1 in cotton pink color. Though it did not look elegant but I love it, it is very cute! This camera is the first in the line of Canon’s newly launched designer’s concept performance camera.

The camera comes with a 4GB memory card. We bought it at RM679. I do think that it is very cheap. It had with the camera 10MP resolution and 4x optical zoom with optical image stabilizer. Most importantly, it uses AA batteries to operate. We do not want to face any battery problem during our coming trip to Australia!

Hubby always snap “shaky” photos for me with my last camera, I hope with the optical image stabilizer feature, this problem will solve. It is a waste to snap lots of photos from whether outstation or oversea, but with most of them “shaking”.

Though happy to get a new camera, but I’m quite regret to have use quite a lot within these few months, I will need to save up a bit!

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William said...

I bought a film camera in 1981 and have been using it until 2004. Then I bought a digital camera, and another, and another. With digital camera, cost doesn't seems to be a problem. But with film camera, that $1300 seems like a huge investment. The problem is that digital camera gets out-of-date easily and we are forever being tempted. On the other hand, you also talk about spending too much. Just to share with you, we started saving the day we started working and our saving scheme is rather aggressive. Otherwise, we could not afford to send my children overseas.