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Monday, February 23, 2009

Working day

I have to wake up at 6.30am as usual to go for work today. I am now counting down to my last day – 12 day left. How I wish the day come faster.

I’m having heavy cough and running nose today. Hubby gave me his medicine for coughing which is given by his father which claimed to be very effective. I drank 10ml once I reach office.

I can feel the difference after taking the medicine. I am better without much irritating cough and less stuffy nose. But soon after that, I am feeling sleepy and drowsy! I am like walking on the cloud, swinging here and there. Oh, no! I also accidentally slept on my desk! Thus I quickly rush into the toilet and wash my face!

And then I continued with my work. I call up some bankers to follow up the status of purchasers’ loan. It is my job to arrange meet-up between our purchaser and banker. It saves time if they need to shop for more rates from different banks.

If you are those who wants to purchase property, do discuss with banker to get a lower interest rate or else you will only able to get a standard published interest rate.