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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tandem bike

Hubby and I always cycling these days, for exercising and keeping up a bit! Hubby had gain a lot of weight after married. Everyone is asking me why he becomes so “fat”. I can’t see why he is getting heavier after married. He eats as usual, without any supper. It has just few months after we married and I think he had gain around 8kg!

No! No! No! I can’t let this happened!

I have to do something!

So I start asking hubby to buy me another bicycle since we already had one in our house. And then we started to cycle half an hour after our dinner. It had been a few weeks since we started to cycle. It is really fun to cycle together.

My father in law had bought a front light and a back light for each of our bike for safety. So we could cycle out to nearby shops to buy some food for the next breakfast.

A tandem bike

Now, I had something in my mind again! I am thinking if we could buy a tandem bike for two. It doesn’t seem very expensive but we can hardly find one in Malaysia. If you happen to know where to get a tandem bike, do tell me.

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William said...

Hi Cindy, I like your blog.
I think Tandem bike may look like a good idea but to use it on Malaysian road, it may be a little dangerous. My two younger boys have been pestering me to cycle every day! Thanks God that I have "driver" otherwise, I ended up not doing any exercise.

Putting on weight after marriage is not new. Perhaps it is the "happy heart" that is slowing down metabolism.