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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Still awake

Yeah, I am still awake now! It is already 1.30am and I cannot feel a bit of sleepiness! Hubby and I went into the Coffee Bean for a cup of ice-blended mocha and a chicken pie after window shopping at Jaya Jusco just now.

I knew that I probably cannot sleep until 3am after drinking coffee from the Coffee Bean. This is not the first time instate. I am okay to sleep with others coffee except those from the Coffee Bean! I can’t understand why!

This is the Canon camera I'm talking about!

Hubby and I just have some look at the cameras in Jaya Jusco. Wow, nowadays cameras are quite cheap, it only cost RM799 for a Canon 10MP camera. I prefer this camera particularly because it is operated by AA batteries. My current camera is using lithium-ion battery which cannot stand for long. I have to recharge it after snapping around 100 photos. It will be a trouble if we are traveling. It is advisable not to charge the battery before it empty. And some more my current camera always gets us “shaky” photos, it doesn’t come with a image stabilizer, and may be it is a bit old with only 4MP.

Anyway, I will consider carefully before purchasing a new camera.

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