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Sunday, February 22, 2009

No luck winning in Genting Highland

I feel really tired on the Valentine’s day after on duty staying in the show house. So hubby and I did not want to stay up too late after fetching my auntie and uncle back from the Sally Yeh’s concert.

My cousin was a bit grumpy when he knew that we wanted to go back to sleep, but I think he understand that I am not feeling well, he followed us (no choice for him actually). He asked me whether we can wake up earlier the next day to go out for some walk before we sleep. I said okay, after all he seldom comes to Genting Highland, and he is my dearest cousin, I take him as my brother, I can’t find any reason to refuse his request.

My cousin woke up by 5am the next morning without any alarm set! Can you see how much he wishes to go out? I washed my face and woke hubby up from his dream. We set off to outdoor then.

We went into the casino before going to outdoor after some discussion. I inserted RM50 into the machine and play for a while, but luck is not with me, I lost RM50 to the machine. I went to those jackpot machines then, and lost another RM20 to it. And so I quit, we left the casino to the open air.

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