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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Valentine's Day in Genting Highland

Hubby and I thought we could spent our Valentine’s day alone this year, however my auntie pops out on the day before asking me regarding Sally Yeh’s concert which falls on the very day of Valentine’s day. So I offer them to stay with us since we have booked a room with two twin beds. I have booked the concert tickets and hubby picked them up from the Genting agent in Ipoh.

And off we go around 3pm after hubby finished his work. Arriving at about 5pm, I checked-in. While waiting for my auntie and family, hubby and I take turns snapping photos for each others!

While my auntie and uncle watching Sally Yeh’s concert, my cousin follows us walking around. We took a lot photos also, indoor and outdoor.

We have a sit at the Starbuck after walking around. Many people are browsing the internet with their notebook since there is free wi-fi available. I am thinking of bringing my notebook also, but we are going to Kuala Lumpur on the next day, I don’t want to carry the notebook around while I am shopping! So I just wipe it of my mind. But I can’t help feeling jealous with those whom are able to online at that time. I wanted to check whether there are any opportunities for me to write for!

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