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Monday, February 23, 2009

Trade in old car and get RM5000

Early in the morning, the DJs in the radio were discussing the topic “Trade in old car and get RM5000”. It is one of the news for today which said to be suggested by the government to encourage Malaysians to buy new cars.

I agreed with the DJs, if this suggestion really works, then we can buy olds car and sell them to the government. This is a great way of earning money for all of us. But by that time, I think the one who makes most will be the used car retailing centre. The rich becomes richer!

Those whom are driving cars with the car age older than 15 years, are mostly those who are not affordable for a new car. And within a few years time, the old cars will be vanishing from the market. People with less income could no more able to purchase a car, not even a old car!

Hubby’s “sport car”, a Toyota Celica, is same age with me. If you were to pay him RM5000 to purchase his car, I don’t think he will sell it. He loves his car very much. He won’t sell it at such a low price!

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